How to support multi language

To support multi language for android app.

You must create the dedicated folder which named with national code.

For example, I’ve create multi values folder under the Resource folder



these folder means that multi language support

values-fr is France

values-jp is Japan

values is a default

Multi support language is start with create folder with national code.

If you have values folder next step is that, just add translate text in string.xml file.

This app named “Roi de mot” for Franch,

パズル もっと for Japanese.

Don’t forget this!

Under values folder string.xml file. You have to add translatable=”false” attribute if string don’t need translate.

If you forget this, you will meet compilation error.

Here is how to add attribute for “translate”.

<string name=”app_id” translatable=”false”>abc12338</string>

Enjoy dev.

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